About - Live Surround Sound

Live Surround Soundís goal is to get the music to surround the attendee, make the attendee a part of the concert, with only one rule: ďPeople must stay focussed on the band.Ē

Who is Live Surround Sound?

Live Surround Sound was founded by two dutch classmates, now colleagues, Djuri Boot and Dave Schinkel. They both had the same dream at the start of their education: ďA concert in surround.Ē Three years into their study, they meet each other somewhere in a hallway and Dave asks Djuri to join him in a live surround sound project. Djuri being a producer and Dave being an engineer they are the perfect match for such a large project. They started in September 2008 with their preparations for the first Surround Concert in P3 in Purmerend, which took place in July 2009. Now they are ready for the next chapter, bigger venues.

What is Live Surround Sound?

The goal is to get the music to surround the attendee, make them a part of the concert without ruining the bandís compositions and the focus on the band. At a concert the bandís ultimate goal is to make their audience a part of the music, Dave and Djuri are expanding that experience. When an attendee is at a concert they are face to face with the band, everything is 3 dimensional (compared to letís say a traditional movie theatre) except the sound. Dave and Djuri both feel this is the last step in completing a traditional concert. Many people know the usage of surround sound during live concerts of artists like Pink Floyd and David Bowie. In this era the main idea was to put the band in the front speakers and the effects or simple samples in the back, they didnít use the full potential of surround sound. After hearing the superaudio CD of Guano Apes (mixed by Ronald Prent) this was prove for Dave Schinkel and Djuri Boot that there was a next level to mixing in surround sound. The main difference between this SA-CD and many other surround mixes was that this SA-CD had more extreme dynamics than other surround sound mixes, it used the full potential of surround sound, without loosing the focus on the front speakers. One moment you hear just one guitar in a centre speaker, the second after that there are 6 guitars and a full band around you. Dave Schinkel and Djuri Boot wanted this, on stage, a live gig with the same intensity, power and with the same dynamics. They were already convinced surround sound could be a huge benefit during live concerts and after hearing this SA-CD, they got their confirmation. After their tremendous success at their first venue, they are now ready for the next challenge, which is making the concept suitable for bigger venues.