Nemesea was the first band to take part in the Live Surround Sound concept. When we started this project we only had one goal and that was enhancing the Music of a band, donít ruin it with our surround effects. Every movement had to serve the Music. For instance, if you go from a verse to a chorus, it depended on the song whether we put guitars through seven speakers, or just two. Everything should serve the song. But if youíve got a goal like that only one thing is very important: The Band!! Easier said than done, it took us a long time to find a band that suited this project. For us this was our first time too, so everything was new. We had a lot of demands for the band:

The first demand was playing well. We learned through several projects that good performance on an instrument definitely makes recordings and live gigs better. It isnít always an engineerís fault when a recording sounds poorly or the live sound isnít what it should be. Also because everything was programmed the musicians had to play with a metronome during the entire show. And because of the larger amount of speakers, (7 instead of 2) there was more space to place instruments in the spectrum. But with more space everything is more honest, wich means every mistake can be heard so much better than working in stereo. If a drummer and a bassplayer arenít playin that well together, you can hear it so much better in surround, than in stereo.

Beside good playing also stage performance was a demand. Not only the ears but also the eyes had to have something to remember. The whole show had to be perfect, so also stage performance is a part of that. We needed a band who was used to the stage and an audience.

The songs had to be good as well. We wanted to attract a large audience, young old, metal, pop, everyone had to like the songs. This project started as an experiment, but so we wanted as much people as possible! Everyone had to hear what music in surround is capable of. But the songs have to be good, a lot of people had to understand what was happening.

A lot of bands didnít had al of the demands. In fact, most bands only had one demand. After a very long quest for the right band we ended up in Galaxy Studioís with Ronald Prent, for an interview with him about surround sound, and about his vision of surround sound. We asked him for a band and he came up with the band Nemesea. He played us the surround version of their debut album in control and we were blown away! Not only the music and the songs were very good, but he played it in surround! The arrangements of the songs suited the project perfectly. There wasnít much arguing about wether or not to do it, it was clear, Nemesea was the band we were after all that time. We emailed them and a meeting was planned very soon, and, the rest is history...